Aleksandr Petelin



Dear friends, I’m glad to welcome you on my website!
My name is Petelin Aleksandr.
I have been drawing since childhood, mostly pencil illustrations for books and films, I also tried myself in the genre of portrait.
Then there was a period of passion for painting plastic miniatures, working with acrylic paints.
Over the next few years, I devoted myself entirely to oil painting, working mainly with a palette knife in the impasto technique. This style can be described as expressive impressionism. The main subjects of that period were landscapes and flowers.
Currently, I am focusing on exploring the theme of existential crises, the search for supports, goals and meanings. Acrylic has become the main medium, I also use textile and oil pastels.
I am a member of the Eurasian Art Union. I regularly participate in exhibitions and art contests.
The paintings are for sale. You can make a purchase at the international online galleries Artsy, Artsper, Artmajeur.

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